Battery Regeneration/Restoration

Battery Regeneration is an innovative technology that revives the old and used battery through a unique process of desulphation by applying a high frequency current pulse across its terminals and gives it a second life and beyond.

It is highly recommended for all kinds of lead acid batteries (flooded, VRLA, AGM and Gel) in starter batteries, traction batteries, high power stationary batteries (UPS) in various applications including telecomm towers, communication equipment, industrial equipment, military equipment, all kinds of automotives and renewable energy systems. There are two ways to use battery regenerator:

  • Reconditioning Regeneration – allows to restore old and discarded batteries that have silted up due to sulphation, to a 90-100% productivity.
  • Maintenance Regeneration – allows to keep existing/working batteries in optimal, sulphate-free condition by yearly short regeneration process, thus extending battery life.

Models are available with varying output current (60-400 A) and battery capacity (300-3000 AHC). We, NANX Engineering (Pvt) Limited, Pakistan are the exclusive distributor of Battery Plus France. For more details please visit