Solar Geysers & Water Heating System

Most Pakistani households rely on natural gas geysers to heat water and run their home heating systems. This creates greenhouse emissions that are changing our climate. Pakistan is blessed with abundant sunshine to meet its water heating needs, therefore making it possible to switch over to Solar Geysers and heating systems.

With a Solar Geyser you can reduce the energy required to heat your water by up to 80% resulting in big savings on your gas bills and major cuts in your household's greenhouse emissions.

According to SNGPL average consumption of a 35 Gallon Geyser is 10 MMBTU gas per month. With the current gas tariff you burn about 4500 rupees of gas per month. With Solar Geyser we guarantee that that cost will be reduced by 70 % (saving of Rs. 3150 per month).

Solar Geysers are available in capacities of 170, 218, 300 liters with insulated stainless steel tanks capable to maintain the water temperature for 72 hours.